Course Offerings:   Carbine:   Combative Carbine:

Combative Carbine: (2 days) This course is designed to provide the individual with the information and skills needed for the proper application of the carbine in the combat environment. This is not a basic level course, it will build on the foundation the student has received from structured organizational training or a formal shooting school; Students are expected to have a good working knowledge of weapon handling, training will be fast paced and challenging. Gun fighting is the focus of this class; the techniques used are aggressive and effective. Develop your skills; there will be only one winner in a gun fight.

Topics Covered:

The mental switch Hostage rescue shooting Reloading
Engagement speed Threat engagement Battle space management
Gunshot effects Target discretion/ID Shooting on the move
Combat marksmanship Weapon presentation Proper use of cover
Support side shooting Sighted and unsighted fire Close quarter shooting
Time, distance, speed & cover Intro to point shooting Malfunctions
One hand operation 5 points of performance Training concepts
Shooting positions Multi target engagements Empty weapon response