Course Offerings:   Low Light Operations:

  1. Low Light Ops: (2 days) The majority of deadly force encounters occur during hours of reduced light or situations where light is limited. Proper training in the use of tactical flashlights is vital to the individual’s survival in violent engagements with suspects. Low light training is often neglected or inadequately presented due to a number of factors; this cannot change the need for this training. If not properly employed, the flashlight can be a liability; don’t allow this to happen to you. Learn the proper use of this important tactical tool, tilt the odds in your favor. The tactical flashlight is a powerful tool if used correctly, your life may depend on it. Course can be delivered with or without a live fire range package. (Range must be able to support night time fire)
  2. Topics Covered:

    Mindset Flashlight applications Cornering techniques
    Team work 10 principles of low light Basic room entry
    Equipment Hand held techniques Suspect engagement
    Vision limits 1-3 person tactics Force on force training