American Combat Evolutions is committed to providing the highest quality training available anywhere in the world. We have a long list of standard courses to choose from and can custom build a course to address your specific needs. We take the responsibility of teaching and instructing to the next level, our instructors do not just show you what they can do, they will impart the knowledge and ability to perform to the student. The subject matter addressed by our company is far too vital to be presented without a great commitment to quality, lives depend on their future applications. At American Combat Evolutions you don't just train, you learn.

PHILOSOPHY: Our position on training is oriented towards the mind; "Fighting is 90 % mental and 10% physical". Most trainers and operators spend almost 100% of their training time on the physical. Nothing physical will be available to the individual under stress if the mind has been neglected in training.

2023 Training Year:

Hello Shooters,

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones well. The new Training Year is here and I have 2 new exciting courses for 2023. Close Combat Pistol and Long Range Pistol, they address 2 very important areas of pistol fighting from 2 very different perspectives. I am looking forward to seeing you on the range soon, train hard and stay focused.

Stay safe and healthy,
Steven E. Hayden

Course Pricing:

Standard Classes: $250.00 per day.
Private Classes: $150.00 per hour for individual lessons.
Small Group: $100.00 per hour per person. Maximum of 4 people.

Training conducted at outdoor or indoor ranges depending on the class and facility availability.

Safety Violation Dismissal Policy:

Any student found to be unsafe with their firearm will be dismissed from the class. THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS FOR SAFETY VIOLATION DISMISSALS.

Cancellation Policy:

All tuition must be paid in fill before attending a course. Cancellations are time sensitive:
30 days before start date: Full Refund
Less than 30 days before start date: NO REFUND

The day I receive your request for a refund is counted as day one, the last day is the day before the start of the course.

Requests received less than 30 days before the course date will have the tuition applied to a future course and must be attended within 1 year from the request date.

In the event a course is cancelled by American Combat Evolutions, full refunds will be provided to all students.

Active Course Dates:

Course Date Location Cost Hours Ammo Purchase
Point Pistol 27 Mar 23 Islip, NY $250 8am-5pm 500 rds Complete
Close Combat Pistol 22 Jun 23 Islip, NY $250 8am-5pm 500 rds Complete
Combat Rifle 27 Jun 23 Islip, NY $250 8am-5pm 500 rds Complete
Close Combat Pistol 26-27 Jul 23 Coatesville, PA $525 8am-5pm 700 rds Complete
Long Range Pistol 8 Sep 23 Islip, NY $250 8am-5pm 500 rds Complete
Point Pistol 09 Oct 23 Islip, NY $250 8am-5pm 500 rds Complete
Combat Rifle 02 Nov 23 Islip, NY $250 8am-5pm 500 rds Complete
Hostage Pistol 07 Nov 23 Islip, NY $250 8am-5pm 500 rds Complete
Combat Pistol 13 Nov 23 Islip, NY $250 8am-5pm 500 rds Complete