Course Offerings:   Precision Rifle:   Sniper level 1:

Sniper level 1: (3 days) This course is designed to train the Precision Marksman in the basics of employing the optically enhanced rifle in tactical situations at urban distances. Students must be able to produce consistent 1.5 MOA groups to attend this course. The course goal is to build a solid foundation that will enable to shooter to engage targets out to the 450 yard range, actual shooting distance is range facility dependent. Students must have a working knowledge of their weapon and optic, this class is considered an intermediate level course. (Prerequisite): Basic level or equivalent precision rifle course.

Topics Covered:

Mental attitude Shooting positions Target engagements
Handling skills Marksmanship Target discretion/ID
Slings and equipment Zero/sight adjustments Wind reading
Optics Cold bore shot Qualification course
Ballistics Inter/Extern/Term Range estimation Recording Data