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Tactical Team Leader: (2 days) This course addresses the development of the Police Tactical Team Leader. Team Leaders must be properly trained to be effective and mission capable. Without leadership training, team effectiveness often suffers leading to operational failure born from the inability to develop the team into an effective unit. The missions assigned to the Police Tactical Team are critical and at times very complex; every member must function at their best. Without proper leadership, performance is left to chance; this is unacceptable at all levels. Just knowing the tactics is not enough for the Team Leader, they must be able to inspire performance through the example of solid operational leadership. This is learned, it is not something that just develops on its own, prepare your Tactical Team for success. Invest in leadership training and give your operators the best product obtainable, professionalism.

Topics Covered:

Leadership Professional values 3 Leadership styles
4 factors of leadership Leaders must be 5 factors for styles
11 principles Leaders must know Developing the leader
Individual focus Leaders must do Mission focus
Tactical leadership Developing the team Structuring training
Critical thinking Stress control Problem solving