Course Offerings:   Precision Rifle:

  1. Sniper basics: (2 days) This is an entry level course for novice Scoped Rifle owners without prior training from a formal school or organization. This class will build the new shooter from the ground up; upon completion the shooter will understand and be able to apply the basics of rifle handling and marksmanship safely. Live fire to 50 yards.
  2. Topics Covered:

    Proper mindset Loading/unloading Optics (how they work)
    Equipment Basic marksmanship Range estimation
    Care and maintenance Shooting positions Intro to data books
    Safe weapon handling Environmental effects Basic course of fire

  3. Sniper level 1: (3 days) This course is designed to train the Precision Marksman in the basics of employing the optically enhanced rifle in tactical situations at urban distances. Students must be able to produce consistent 1.5 MOA groups to attend this course. The course goal is to build a solid foundation that will enable to shooter to engage targets out to the 450 yard range, actual shooting distance is range facility dependent. Students must have a working knowledge of their weapon and optic, this class is considered an intermediate level course. (Prerequisite): Basic level or equivalent precision rifle course.
  4. Topics Covered:

    Mental attitude Shooting positions Target engagements
    Handling skills Marksmanship Target discretion/ID
    Slings and equipment Zero/sight adjustments Wind reading
    Optics Cold bore shot Qualification course
    Ballistics Inter/Extern/Term Range estimation Recording Data

  5. Sniper level 2: (5 days) This is an advanced level sniper course; students must be able to consistently shoot 1 MOA or less on demand to attend. The goal of this course is to train the student up to an operational sniper level; qualification fire is demanding and must be shot to standards. Class material is delivered at a fast pace students should be motivated and serious. Engagement distances from 5 yards out to 800 yards dependent on range facilities. (Prerequisite): Level 1 or basic sniper school.
  6. Topics Covered:

    Combat mindset Adv. shooting positions Unknown distance targets
    Command and control Hides/stalking/movement Target discretion/ID
    Optics/reticles/adjustments Team operations Range estimation
    Ballistics Inter/Extern/Term Cold bore shot Long range wind reading
    The sniper/observer team Critical shooting Recording/using Data
    Range cards Speed/stress shooting Angle theory
    Holding range and wind Moving/multiple targets Qualification course

  7. Sniper Stress Fire: (2 days) This is an advanced level course; all shooters must possess refined handling skills and be able to apply their weapon at speed. The course is also physically demanding and students should be fit, running short distances is required. The shooters will be pushed to the edge of their performance ability and leave with a clear understanding of their limits; this provides a clear outline to use for improvement. There will be an achievable and challenging qualification course administered on the final training day.
  8. Topics Covered:

    Marksmanship principles Range estimation Speed shooting
    Operational equipment Covert and overt sniping Target identification
    Hold over/under Wind considerations Team shooting
    Shooting positions Critical shot placement Stress engagements