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Combat Mindset: (4 hours) The lecture is designed to provide the individual with the information and techniques needed to understand and develop a combat mindset. Physical survival and fighting tactics are just one part of the complete training and education of the individual who may find themselves in harm’s way. Developing the mind to perform in the stress of personal combat and emotionally handle the aftermath is the goal of this training. Without the proper mindset, the tactics, tools, and physical techniques of personal survival may very well be unavailable for use under the extreme stress experienced in mortal combat. After winning the engagement the individual is at great risk of losing the final challenge; emotional survival. This is the situation that develops PTSD in survivors of deadly encounters. This lecture will identify these problems and provide you with the know-how to take charge and prepare your mind to win the fight and survive the subsequent events attached to their experience.

Topics Covered:

Definitions 3 pillars of success Mission
Personal combat Managing battle space Assisting others
Psychology of winning Dynamic environment PTSD
Mental preparedness What happens after Armor plated mind

Instructor: Your instructor for this training is Detective Steven E. Hayden NYPD/ESU (Ret). Steven served over 22 years with the NYPD and 23 years in the U.S. military. His career spans over 30 years of continuous service in violent and hazardous environments around the world. Steven served two combat tours in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army in leadership positions. His last tour of duty was as a First Sergeant in the 27th Brigade Combat Team. During pre-deployment training, Steven conducted mindset and PTSD prevention classes for the members of his Regiment. He has provided this same training for the members of the NYPD Emergency Service Unit as part of their in-service tactical training program along with other tactical units within the NYPD. Steven has delivered this program to numerous personnel representing many different agencies and organizations.