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Defensive Shotgun: (2 days) This course is designed to develop the basic skills needed to properly use the shotgun for self defense, safely and effectively. Students will be trained in techniques that are proven to work in the high stress environment of personal defense, proper training saves lives. Every shotgun owner is responsible to know how to use their weapon safely and effectively, the lives of you and others may depend on it! Invest in yourself and your loved ones learn how to use your weapon. This is a basic course for those who want to build a solid foundation of shooting ability.

Topics Covered:

Combat mindset Shooting positions Intro critical shooting
The shotgun & accessories Combat marksmanship Threat engagements
Training focus Carry & ready positions Target discretion/ID
Dynamics of engagements Reloading speed Turns & corners
Gunshot effects Sighted and unsighted fire Cover and concealment
Support side shooting Close quarter shooting Malfunctions