Course Offerings:   Team CQB (SWAT):

  1. Basic Entry: (5 days) This course is designed for new teams or operators looking to learn and understand the basics of interior intervention. It is a solid presentation of all the foundational principles, tactics and techniques needed to perform direct action operations in high risk environments. Learn the proper application of the Tactical Team to ensure safe and effective operational capability.
  2. Topics Covered:

    Proper mindset Dynamic/Methodical Managing corners
    Operational focus The breach point Managing doorways
    Team work 2-4 person entry Priorities of work
    Communications Exterior movement Positional dominance
    360 security Interior movement Primary clears
    Team structure Managing hallways Secondary clears

  3. Advanced Entry: (5 days) This course builds on the basics and takes the team to the next operational level. Training problems will increase in difficulty and teams will be pushed to the edge of their capabilities. Training starts with reinforcement of the basics and proceeds on to simple and complex hostage situations. This class will include a live fire package that addresses shooting problems from single engagements to critical shooting applications.
  4. Topics Covered:

    Tactical mindset Hostage rescue Simultaneous targets
    Mission planning Tactical splits Employing snipers
    Multiple teams Critical shooting 3 operational phases
    Critical thinking Balancing speed Anti-terrorist Ops
    Command and control Team communication Team leader/ATL
    Chain of command Barricade situations Reconnaissance

  5. Customs Courses: We will build the course to fit your needs, you tell us the topics you want covered and we will provide the training. Courses range from 2-15 day classes, your course will be built from the ground up to give you the training you ask for. Please call so we can structure a course for you.