Course Offerings:   Precision Rifle:   Sniper level 2:

Sniper level 2: (5 days) This is an advanced level sniper course; students must be able to consistently shoot 1 MOA or less on demand to attend. The goal of this course is to train the student up to an operational sniper level; qualification fire is demanding and must be shot to standards. Class material is delivered at a fast pace students should be motivated and serious. Engagement distances from 5 yards out to 800 yards dependent on range facilities. (Prerequisite): Level 1 or basic sniper school.

Topics Covered:

Combat mindset Adv. shooting positions Unknown distance targets
Command and control Hides/stalking/movement Target discretion/ID
Optics/reticles/adjustments Team operations Range estimation
Ballistics Inter/Extern/Term Cold bore shot Long range wind reading
The sniper/observer team Critical shooting Recording/using Data
Range cards Speed/stress shooting Angle theory
Holding range and wind Moving/multiple targets Qualification course