"I and the members of my department have had the privilege of receiving training from Steven Hayden on a multitude of topics and on many occasions. The list of subjects is too long to enumerate here but has ranged from leadership in crisis situations to proper care and maintenace of weapons and a long list of subjects in between. Mr. Hayden has always presented the subjects he is teaching in a complete and professional manner. One of the most important things that Mr. Hayden brings to table is a passion for presenting material that is practical and proven to be successful and based on real world experiences. I also know from personal experience that Mr. Hayden is constantly working to improve both his own skills and the quality of his presentations. I would not hesitate to recommend Steven Hayden as an instructor and am looking forward to the next opportunity I will have to train with him."

Chief Thomas M. Cummings


"Steven offers some of the most advanced training that you will find anywhere. He is a true professional who gets his credibility from extensive experience and knowledge in both the military and the police department. He gives you the tools to be successful and teaches practical applications that can save your life. Any Law Enforcement Officer or agency would benefit from training with Steven. Any courses offered are highly recommended."

Lt. Barry Duignan


I wanted to express my appreciation for your training class. Tactical Pistol Enhancement was a look into what works and what doesn't, period. It is nice to see real world applications in the world of firearms. Too often we train in what looks good or translates well to the liability conscience. In reality, your methods are more liability conscience, since they provide a higher degree of success for the officer. As a firearms instructor and SWAT Commander, I find it challenging to bring the reality of combat to the firearms range. The drills you conducted and especially the lecture portion of the training bridged a gap in my training. I and my officer will benefit greatly from this experience. Thank you again for the opportunity and I will be training with you again. I can't afford not to.

With my deepest respect,
Sgt. Kevin Bernard
Tactical Team Commander
Western Chester County ERT


"Steven Hayden is one of the finest tactical instructors I worked with in the NYPD! He speaks from real combat experience that comes from his military service as well as his police service. He has a no nonsense approach that gets to the real aspects of surviving an armed confrontation."

Sgt. Walter Doyle (ret.)


"Steven Hayden is a man of integrity and vision. Steven has spent his time on the streets perfecting his ability and understanding of the dynamics of personal combat. Whether its hands-on or firearms, preparing law enforcement officers to win in mortal combat encounters is what Steven is all about. He understands the seriousness of this type of training and its importance to not only police officers, but their families and friends as well. Steven provides the most effective training possible based on practical, real-world experiences. I highly recommend any law enforcement agency that is serious about their training to take advantage of the knowledge and experience Steven has to offer".

Michael V. Naseef
Police Officer/Esquire


"After a long career as a street officer I was selected for assignment to the NYPD Emergency Service Unit. While attending the ESE Specialized Training School I had the unique opportunity to learn from an instructor widely regarded as the role model for an Emergency Service Officer. For 7 months I was trained by Det. Steven Hayden in CQB, heavy weapons and tactics and hand to hand combat. Det. Hayden is an instructor whose knowledge, experience and ability to share it have no equal. From captivating classroom lecture to hands on demonstrations that come from unrivaled experience, Det. Steven Hayden exemplifies what a true teacher should be. He is dedicated to his craft and he has the desire to share it with those lucky enough to learn from him."

PO Ralph Stallone


"American Combat Evolutions offers training for professionals, by professionals. Steve Hayden and his fellow instructors bring a wealth of experience and expertise to both the classroom and the range. Their ability to communicate the mindset and to teach the skills necessary to prevail in deadly confrontations is unmatched. Whether I rate American Combat Evolutions based on my own military and police field experience, or from my perspective as a trainer, the score is the same: outstanding. I look forward to continued training with American Combat Evolutions."

Bob Cohen
Former Executive Officer, NYPD
Firearms & Tactics
Acting Rangemaster, US Merchant
Marine Academy


"Steven Hayden and American Combat Evolutions provide some of the most realistic and effective training programs for members of the law enforcement community, the military and law abiding citizens looking to enhance their skills and increase their knowledge. His training will not only improve shooting skills, but will help to build a solid foundation of the winning mindset and mental preparation. Mentis Pro Gladius!"

Charles Kang
Law Enforcement Instructor